Quinoa Crusted Chicken Burger


And we want to share this quinua crusted chicken burger that's life chanching ⁠

1 pc boneless skinless chicken breast ⁠
1 cup quinoa (cooked)⁠
1/4 cup flour⁠
1 pc egg⁠
a pinch salt ⁠
2 pc burger bun⁠
1/4 cup coleslaw ⁠
to taste mayonaise ⁠
to taste oilive oil⁠

Lay chicken breast on a flat surface and cover with a sheet of cling film. Pound with a rolling pin or mallet until even thickness,⁠
in a large plate combine flour and salt. coat the breast in the flour⁠
in a large shallow bowl beat an egg and place your chicken breast making sure to coat it evenly coat the chicken breast in the cooked quinoa and spray with some olive oil.⁠

Air fry your chicken breast at 360 F for 10 mins or until fully cooked ⁠
stuck the chicken breast, coleslaw and the mayo in a burger bun and enjoy.⁠

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