Roasted olives crostini with Burrata ⁠

Roasted olives crostini with Burrata ⁠

1 fresh Burrata cheese, at room temp ⁠
1 small baguette, sliced ⁠
1 1/2 cup mixed olives, pitted ⁠
4 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil plus more for the crostini ⁠
1 shallot, quartered ⁠
3 garlic cloves ⁠
1 lime or lemon, quartered ⁠
2 Sprigs fresh thyme ⁠
2 sprigs fresh oregano plus more for serving ⁠
2 sprigs fresh rosemary ⁠
Salt and pepper to taste ⁠

Preheat Fritaire to 320F. ⁠

In a baking dish combine olives, oil, shallot, lemon (or lime if you prefer a more acidic flavor), garlic and all the aromatic herbs. ⁠

Mix well, season with salt and pepper and bake for 30 minutes. ⁠

Remove the dish with the olives from Fritaire, place bagutte slices on the air stand and drizzle with olive oil. ⁠

Raise the temperature to 400F and toast the bread until golden brown. ⁠

Serve the olives with burrata and toasted baguette. ⁠

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