Shrimp Skewer with Rice and Aioli

Perfection on a plate. Make this recipe in your Fritare Air Fryer in only 8 min.⁠

shrimp ⁠
1 tsp of garlic powder ⁠
1 pc of lemon ⁠
a pinch of cilantro⁠
a pinch of salt ⁠
1 tsp of sweet paprika⁠
1 tsp of ground cumin ⁠
2 tbsp of olive oil⁠
1 pc of red onion ⁠
1 pc of zucchini ⁠

⁠Mix together garlic powder, lemon juice, sweet paprika, ground cumin, cilantro, a pinch of salt and 2 tbsp of olive oil, ⁠coat the shrimps with the mixture and marinate for 15 mins. ⁠

Assemble the shrimp skewers using some red onion and zucchini. ⁠
Airfry for 8 mins at 350°F.

Serve the skewers with white rice and alioli. ⁠

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